07. Department of Physics and Chemistry of Casting Processes PDF Print

Head: Dr. Sc., prof. Shynskyy O.Y.

Scientific direction:

Development of theory and practice of:
- casting processes using physical methods of mould material strengthening and evaporated and lost wax patterns;
- gas- and hydrodynamic, heat transfer processes and structure forming during flow, coolinf and crystallization of alloys in molds;
- casting methods using overpressure, vacuum and cryogenic engineering;
- creation of functional (wear resistant, corrosion resistant) interfacial layers on surface of cast products using lost-foam and lost-wax casting technologies.
Creation of:
- new control and managing systems for casting processes, equipment for environmental monitoring on the base of information and computer technologies;
- development concept and modular construction for high-efficient, environmental responsible automatic equipment and casting rotatory-conveying complexes for new technologies using investment materials that are fixed physically by exhausting or cryogenic engineering.

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