10. Department of Physical-Technological Processes of Aluminum Alloys Casting PDF Print

Head: Dr. Sc. Prygunova A.G.

Scientific direction:

- Development of fundamental studies in the field of structural transformation physics in aluminum alloys in dependence of their structure in liquid, quasi-double-phase before-crystalline and partly crystalline states, determining of optimal control modes for processes of mass nucleation, growth and fragmentation of primary crystals, detection of interconnection between casting, physical-mechanical and operational properties with micro- and macrostructure and phases morphology.
- Upgrade the techniques and laboratory equipment, search of new information methods of physical modeling of dynamics and hydrodynamics, crystallization and gas shrinkage processes in the volume of solidifying casting.
- Development of application investigations and designs for creation of new and upgrade the existing technologies of manufacture of high-quality aluminum castings, including under low pressure, and by methods of pheo- and thixo-casting.
- Creation of high efficient material and source saving technologies, special equipment and functional materials taking into account their purpose, in particular, for leading fields of mechanic engineering, small and medium-sized foundry enterprises.

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